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Personal trainer – is it worth it?

When deciding on whether to pick a group training activity, or to hire a personal trainer, most people simply pick the former, based solely on the price. But is that the right decision?

While training in groups helps us socialize and make friends, it simply cannot be modified by our wishes or capabiliteies. Group trainings are based upon some standard set of exercises, adapted to the most of people. And it would be beautiful if we all had the same capabilities to do those exercises. But weare all unique, we allhave our strenghts and weaknesses. Sometimes we are above and sometimes below the general standard. That is completely natural, but should never, and I mean never be ignored. For example, if my endurance is lower than average but my strenght higher than average, the ordinary group training will be impossible for me to manage. I will do better than most for the first ten minutes and then I will drop dead and not be able to move for the rest of the training session.

That’s where the personal trainer course comes in. While it sometimes is a little bit more expensive than the group one, it actually helps you achieve the desired goal in the way group training never will. Having your personal trainer can largely help you advance and practice, because you are not simply part of the group anymore, you are an individual, and as such you get an individual training.such training is composed solely for you, based on your capabilities, your desired goal. Such training can help you train aspects that are somehow lagging and help your other traits progress, thus finally achieving balance that is largely needed in both sports and our everyday lives. This is hard to achieve without the approach personal trainer course offers you. Tailored shirt always fits better than the one-size-fits-all one.
More personal atmosphere also removes the pressure that a group training can create. No one is here to judge you because you can or can’t do something. Only person watching you is your personal trainer, and he/she is there for one and only purpose – to help you. No one is there to compete with besides yourself, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters: beating yourself. Managing to do that exercise you never could before. Being able to outrun your previos record. Loosing that few pounds extra.
Everything taken into the consideration, I think that we can safely conclude that, by choosing personal trainer course, there is nothing to loose. And if you find a good trainer for that purpose, then there is really nothing else for you to worry about. Just relax and follow the instructions your trainer gives you. Sooner rather than later you will notice many improvements, and see that hard work pay off. You just have to trust your personal trainer and follow his lead, it is really not that hard. Good luck!