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New Dental Implants After-care

A long-lasting solution for the replacement of missing teeth, dental implants can provide cosmetic dentistry patients with a perfect smile.  For more, please visit

However, if you undergo this treatment, you need to practice good specialized after-care to keep your mouth healthy and to ensure it lasts. Keep the following special cleaning and care regimen in mind to ensure their long life.

The Process of Receiving Dental Implants

this kind of dental treatment involves a two-part process that ensures the new teeth remain intact and solid. Your dentist will first take a mold of your jaw, sending it to a laboratory to have a prosthesis custom made.

After receiving the prosthesis, your dentist will install this specially designed metal piece under your gums, against your jawbone. After the bone attaches itself to the metal under your gums, your dentist will install a connector that attaches the top piece to what looks like a natural tooth. This requires you to care for both the tooth and for the metal.

Tools for Cleaning Your Dental Implants

this appliance is installed in two pieces with additional spaces around them, special cleaning tools can more effectively care for them better than a traditional toothbrush. One of the first tools you should use is a tiny dentistry brush that allows you to clean in between and around the metal posts above your gum line.

A brush with a bent head, also known as a reach feature, can make these tiny brushes easier to use, thus making them more effective. Other tools to use include pieces of gauze and a specialized flossing system that will help you clean the metal posts, your gums, and the surrounding area.

Cleaning Permanent Implants

orange dental brushes this dentistry appliance in the same way you brush your natural teeth. Since permanent dental implants cannot be removed as false teeth can, make sure you clean the backs, the areas in between, and floss around the metal attachments.

Cleaning Removable Dentistry Implants

It is easy to clean removable varieties and to inspect them for damage. Remove them and start by brushing all of the sides of the appliance as you would brush your natural teeth. Before putting your removable appliance back in your mouth, clean the posts and connectors well to ensure they are free of buildup and debris.

Regardless of whether you have a permanent or removable style, and whether you live in Orange County, dental implants must be checked by a dentist every six months. This gives your dentistry expert the opportunity to make sure your implants are in good condition and that you are maintaining them properly.

Orange dental will look for damage, will check to make sure the metal post is still attached to the bone, will examine the fit, and will ensure your surrounding teeth and gums are in good dental health.