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What Is Blepharitis?

What Is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a common eye infection affecting millions of people in the world. The condition affects the edges of your eyelids or eyelid margins which become red and swollen. The condition can affecpeople of all ages and both sexes. In most cases, both eyes can be affected, and one eye can be affected more than the other. The symptoms of the illness tend to be worse in the mornings compared to other times of the day. This article provides an overview of blepharitis.

The main symptoms of the illness are a burning, gritty sensation in your eyes, greasy eyelashes, sore, itchy eyelids that stick together, swollen eyelid margins, increased sensitivity to light, difficulty in wearing contact lenses, and abnormal growth or loss of eyelashes at times. You need to see an optometrist or GP if you have persistent symptoms that cannot be controlled with day to day hygienic measures. These professional are able to diagnose the condition and direct you to an eye specialist if the need arises.

Eyelid inflammations are usually long-term illnesses that may persist for some time. The condition can repeat itself with or without the symptoms. There may be periods where the patient will not find any symptoms. Although the inflammation cannot be 100% cured, the symptoms can be controlled with good eye hygienic practices. A daily eyelid cleansing routine is essential to healing the condition. It may help prevent the permanent scarring of your eyelid margins in the long run. Here are some important eyelid hygienic practices that you should perform on a daily basis to control the symptoms of eyelid inflammation.

A warm compress is very effective in reducing the symptoms of the condition. It makes the oil produced by the glands around the eyes more accessible. A gentle massage on your eyelids is another effective treatment for controlling the symptoms of eyelid inflammation. Massaging will help push the oil out of the glands around your eyelids. Cleaning the eyelids on a regular basis is important as well. It helps wipe away excess oil, bacteria, grime, dust, and the crusts that build up in the area. Severe cases of eyelid inflammation should be treated with an antibiotic cream or tablets. Your doctor is the best person to decide on the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

The condition is categorized into three types such as anterior, posterior, and mixed. Anterior is where the condition affects the skin around the base of a person’s eyelashes. When the inflammation affects the Meibomian glands, it is known as posterior. Mixed blepharitis is a combination of both anterior and posterior eyelid inflammation. Anterior eyelid inflammation can be caused by a bacteria (Staphylococcus) or seborrhoeic dermatitis. Posterior inflammation is caused due to a problem in the Meibomian glands. The glands get blocked with dirt, debris or skin flakes.

In conclusion, eyelid inflammation is a common eye infection affecting millions of people across the globe. The aforementioned article highlights important information about this eye infection which will help you prevent it.